Our motto is to create and maintain safe and secure work culture. We are much capable of providing

We are much capable of providing an absolutely reliable security system. This is accomplished by our well trained and trustworthy officers and armed/unarmed security guards.

About the Firm: -
Commando Industril Security Force was founded in September 2007. We provide all types of security manpower, housekeeping and services. The past years has been thriving era of accomplishment for Commando Industril Security Force. Through these years, the firm has surpassed several challenges with support and cooperation of the comrades and it aims to achieve excellence in all aspects of services of private security, housekeeping, cleaning, deployment of IT operator, Paramedical staffs, driver, accountings, pest controller, gardeners etc.  

As Commando Industril Security Force is laying down era of integrity, excellence and service, it shall continue to traverse the path towards its vision of becoming one of the top service providers in the country. We strongly believe that small and medium sized system security projects should have access to the same advance technology as found in the large security projects.

In today’s era, our security solution features the advance integration of hardware and software, application of easy-to-use products, client support enabled by the friendly, efficient and responsive Commando Industril Security Force Team.


  1. REGISTRATION NO. - SEA1836058848202
  2. ESIC CODE :- 60001523890001018
  3. EPF CODE :- JH/RNC/30845
  4. PAN :- BASPS6628D
  5. ISO 9000:2015:- 200616019104
  6. OHSAS- UQ-29403
  7. MUNICIPAl TRADE LICENCE :- HAZA2307121715161
  8. GST NO :-20BASPS6628DIZK
  9. PEST CONTROL LICENCE :- HZB (PC)-010-/2020-2024
  11. SA:- UQ-14908 12.CAPSI :- CS-859

The safety policy of M/S Commando Industrial Security Force is a written statement of its commitment to protect the Health and Safety of the employees as well as the surrounding community. The Policy is the measures the company takes to protect the life, limb and health of their employee often surpassing the requirement set out by the law or the standard policy in practice. Safety Policy includes details as follows:

  1. Employees Training
  2. Use of administrative Controls, hazardous isolation, locking, warning, signs and symbols marking hazardous etc.
  3. Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  4. Removing hazardous materials or replacing them with less harmful alternatives.
  5. Improves lightening and working environment
  6. Prevention of slip, trip and fall incidents.

Further, in order to ensure the safety of workers, the organizations have a moral obligation to ensure the safety of workers as an unsafe workplace can also have serious legal consequences for the employers. The company also ensures that the employees are not subject to extreme mental and physical fatigue that the hours of work do not adversely affect worker safety and health of the employer.